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Rector Search: NEW RECTOR ARRIVING IN SEPTEMBER -- See the "Shamrock" for more details.

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Search Process Overview




Your Vestry

Karen Colbert; Bill Drewes (Treasurer); Marilyn Gareffa; Marty Gollery; Ginnie Jed; Connie Skidmore (Senior Warden); Marsha Tejeda; Ron Young (Junior Warden);   Viki Welling; and Suzanne Gollery (Clerk; non-voting)


Your Search Committee

Lenty Hagen; Ginnie Jed (Vestry Liaison); Clare Novak;   Gary Thomsen (Chair); and David Vomund

  About Your Search Committee -- All Their Work!

Our Search Process


Our process begins with prayer and trust in God that the right person will be called to join us as rector of St. Patrick’s. Calling a rector is more like choosing a spouse than hiring a CEO. It is a disciplined, but spirit-filled, journey of discernment.


Our goal is to unite all our gifts with those of a pastor to create something new in Christa faith community that grows deeper in spirit and greater in service.


Phase 1: Planning. It’s time to take stock of our parish and focus our vision on the future: Who are we? Where are we growing and alive? What are our challenges? What kind of spiritual and professional gifts, skills, and experiences will we look for in a rector to help us meet these challenges?


This phase is open, broad-based, and well communicatedinvolving as many members as possible. Your Vestry has

  consulted with The Rev. Canon Catherine Gregg, our Diocesan Canon for Congregational Development, Clergy Formation, and Transition;

  selected a Search Committee and given us a clear “charge” for our work;

  and begun to set a budget and hiring package to attract candidates.


Your Search Committee will now

  listen to the parish’s vision for St. Pat’s future;

  write a “Parish Profile” that honestly describes us and the position we offer;

  and collaborate with Canon Catherine in publicizing our search.


Phase 2: Searching. In this phase, which is scheduled to start mid-December, your Search Committee will consult with Canon Catherine to assess the candidates who respond to our call. Canon Catherine will receive names and share them with us to evaluate. With the field narrowed, committee members will interview and select nominees.


In this phase, the committee deals with sensitive, confidential information. It cannot be open to all, but can report in general to the Vestry on how things are going. Connie Skidmore, your Senior Warden, will share that general news with you.


Phase 3: Choosing. In this final phase, which is tentatively scheduled to start after February 1st, the committee will invite a small number of nominees to meet the Vestry and staff in person and to see our church and  community. Having studied reports from the Search Committee and having interviewed nominees, your Vestry will now choose your new rector with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


When this call is issued and accepted, it’s time for celebration! The final part of this phasewith our new rector being introduced, moving in, and settling with uswill once again be an open, visible and broad-based process for all of us.